Mr Vilar is a Partner and the Global Strategy Director of Bloom Consulting HQ in Madrid, Spain, where he has been working in developing strategies for most Country Branding projects, defining FDI and Tourism strategies and research for different countries, regions and cities around the world.

Since 2011, he has been responsible for leading the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking©, an annual research classifying more than 200 country brands in the field of trade and tourism. Moreover, Mr. Vilar is also responsible for executing and developing the Digital Demand tool (D2©) where all countries in the world are monitored every year regarding their touristic, trade and talent appeal.

Moreover Mr Vilar is also responsible to execute and ellaborate the Bloom Consulting Digital Demand (D2© where 220 Countries are monitored every year regarding their appeal for Investors and for Tourists.

Mr. Vilar holds an engineering degree from the Barcelona Engineering School and an International MBA from the IE Business School, consistently ranked in the top 10 worldwide since 2008 according to the Financial Times.

In his more than 5 years of work at Bloom Consulting, Mr Vilar has advised the tourism and investment national agencies of Aruba, Austria, Germany, Malta, Sweden, Cape Verde, Paraguay, Poland, Latvia, and regional and city agencies of Madrid, Brussels, Riga, Helsinki as well as regions in Portugal such as Algarve, or South-West and Porto region.

Mr Vilar is the author of the study “Branding Difficult Destinations” an essay published for and by the World Bank on how Place Branding can provide stability to conflictive regions such as the Middle east.

Mr. Vilar is bilingual in English and Spanish and fluent in Portuguese